Our Ethos


Choosing the right nursery to meet your requirements can be a difficult decision and an important one for both parents and child.

As a parent/carer, you need to know that your child is happy, secure and being well cared for in a stimulating and friendly environment.  We like to work closely with parents to provide the level of care you want and expect for your child.

At Twinnie Day Nursery we endeavour to provide a friendly, relaxed, safe and secure environment for babies and children.  We offer a child centred approach where children are encouraged to develop their individuality, creativity, independence and self confidence led by caring staff.  We support them to feel positive in all areas of their lives and learning.

Children co-construct their theories and knowledge through the relationships that they build with other people and the surrounding environment.

We acknowledge the fact that very young children are extremely expressive, with an enormous capacity for sharing feelings and emotion, and that imagination plays a key role in the child’s search for knowledge and understanding. Therefore, while we are fully aware of the importance of developing all areas of learning and development; we also believe that arts play a central role in the children’s way of communicate and express themselves.