A Typical Day at Twinnies

When dropping your child off in the morning, you will have the opportunity to chat with your child’s keyworker. This two-way conversation will allow both parent and staff to discuss any relevant information that could affect the day.  Children settle quickly while playing with their friends as soon as they arrive at nursery with a wide range of toys available.  Breakfast is cleared away at 9 a.m. and a more structured playtime is set up. The next few hours are made up of structured carpet time, and activities that all link back to the EYFS and your child’s individual learning and development needs.  We take the opportunity to work in small groups with children on literacy and mathematics whilst other children are designing and creating master pieces to take home, others are exploring the feel and textures of minty spaghetti through their fingers while others are measuring volumes with water.  Children thoroughly enjoy playing with other children in the home corner which is their way of acting out and making sense of the world around them – this can range from playing doctors and patients to working in a hardware store. 

The children stop to refuel at lunchtime with tasty a home cooked meal, socialising and chatting with their friends and staff.  Staff takes this opportunity to chat to the children about healthy eating whilst encouraging good table manners.  After lunch the children either sleep or engage in quieter activities such as reading stories, completing puzzles, colouring or drawing and educational games with a member of staff or on the computer.

In the afternoon the children join together to sing songs and nursery rhymes which is great for communication and language development.

After using their brains so much the children love to express them selves running around our well equipped garden and they look forward to sessions of football and yoga with specialist teachers.  After an exhausting few hours the children are more than ready for a scrumptious home made tea of a variety of sandwiches, fresh fruit.

Winding down towards the end of the day the children choose how to spend their time, this can be anything from chatting to a member of staff, looking through their individual scrapbooks of work, picture books made up from photos of days out, to playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ or throwing and catching a ball with friends!

When you come to collect your child, your child’s key person will let you know all the fun things that your child chose to do during the day.  Children under the age of two and babies have different needs to the older children and this is not only discussed with you, but written on their day sheet so that you have a record to take home of how much milk was drunk and when….. what exactly your child ate and how much!.... times of nappy changes and contents!.... When your child was tired and needed a sleep…. And the activities your child has been engaged in throughout the day.

Early Learners 
As your child approaches school age, they are also encouraged to participate more fully in Early Learners.  This group involves really concentrating in getting your child ready for school.  Small groups of 3-5 children will spend time involved in activities that cover science, mathematics and literacy.  The children are given Book Bags and encouraged to take a reading book to share with you at home.  Communication and examples of completed work are sent home on a weekly basis with written notes on what has been covered, how you can extend this learning at home and how your child has done.  At this age activities are provided which will help to get your child ready for school, and which will give your child confidence to look forward to a new phase in their life.